Hand Luggage Essentials

I go on holiday to Spain tomorrow so I thought I would make a list of my plane hand luggage essentials. I don’t always take a lot with me but these are some possible essentials that could help you on long journeys.

Food + Drink

  1. Gum – for when your ears decide to pop during takeoff with a minty burst of freshness
  2. Chewy Sweets – for the exact same reason bar the minty freshness I guess
  3. Water – because the air pressure could dehydrate you
  4. Snacks – because lets be real aeroplane food is not that great and sometimes you won’t get any


  1. Headphones – when no one is around to talk so you listen to your 75 hour playlist instead
  2. TV/Films – lined up on your laptop or the ones on the plane, they make the time fly
  3. Magazine/Book – unless you get headaches from that of course…
  4. Homework – because you’re like me and have left it to the last week on the holidays?

Possible Needs

  1. Hoodie/Jumper – it is always cold on planes or if the weather changes etc.
  2. Phone – for that perfect Instagram you’re going to take or just to stay in touch
  3. Umbrella/Sunglasses – for the unexpected weather changes
  4. Hand Cream/Sanitiser – for when you accidentally touch something sticky or gooey
  5. Pen/Pencil – just in case that newspaper or magazine you picked up has a puzzle page
  6. Medicine – because you never know when an enormous headache etc. is going to bother you
  7. Extra Socks – because as I said, planes are always cold
  8. Hairbrush – for when the weather means your hair looks like there’s a small animal living there
  9. Deodorant/Body Spray – for when you smell like you haven’t washed in 3 days aka aeroplane smell
  10. Lip Balm – for when you can’t be bothered to do anything else with your makeup

I hope this helps and you enjoyed this post.


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