Wicked The Musical | 31st August 2015

The other week, me and my family set off for London Victoria after getting tickets to ‘Wicked The Musical’. I absolutely love The Wizard of Oz and so was very eager and had wanted to see it for a long long time. I had heard so many wonderful things about the musical and I was not disappointed.

outside the theatre

As soon as you stepped through the doors of the theatre everything was shining in emerald green. The people working there were so nice and so helpful when it came to buying drinks and where we were sitting etc. As soon as we walked in there were people bustling to their seats and you could see a map of Oz shining on the stage. Around the stage were cogs and a giant dragon looking creature and everything just looked so dream-like.

map on stage

When the lights came down, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the well-reviewed show to begin. And then the music started… The show was so amazing and all it lived up to be. The actors were incredible, the props and costumes were so well designed and magical and the music oh the music was mesmerising. I loved it. I have no other words to describe how utterly amazing it was. It was a unforgettable experience.



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