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HALLOWEEN IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY. I am very excited. Getting into the spirit of starting my Halloween Spooktacular series, I thought I would share my favourite colours for everything during Halloween.


This one is a no-brainer because why wouldn’t you choose black on one of the scariest nights of the year. Personally, I think black works with absolutely any costume to jazz it (or scare it) up a bit. Black can be used for bruises, black eyes, smudges and dirt, that Wednesday Addams vibe you’ve got in your head… anything! Even if you want a sweet outfit, you can make a Dorothy outfit look zombified if you wish.


I love purple anyway, but with the black it just adds some spook and mystery to you. Again, it can be used for bruises and smudges whilst looking super cute in a show-stopping outfit that really stands out against the mass of black.


OF COURSE, OF COURSE RED IS HERE. Red is the colour of death, anger, betrayal; any kind of negative emotion you could associate with halloween. Not to mention it can really affect a person’s appearance. For example, a red lip can always add definition to your face, and fake blood dripping down your face obviously is a fantastic idea.


Be a little different. Not all halloween is filled with dark-hearted souls and you could be one of the brightest. Fluorescence gives a person such visibility and is so nice to see as it is usually in the form of a tutu or a rad shirt.


Again, orange is such a well associated colour with halloween but you don’t often see it unless it is on a pumpkin. Well, I vote orange should be used more as it can really liven up a costume or house. It is a happy colour and just brightens everything.

I hope you enjoyed my first post in this year’s HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR. Stay tuned for more…

*mwah ha ha haa*


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