Costumes and Pumpkins and Candy, Oh My… | AW15

HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves enough to get them through the next school term and if not, well… at least you don’t have long until Christmas. I went back to school today *slowly dies inside* and thought I would share some costumes and pumpkins and candy and overall what I did over my Halloween half term.

So, first off, I went shopping in Guildford with my friend and then went on a walk near the library in Leatherhead to see all the Autumnal-ness it could offer. We came home to make homemade pizza (which was a-mazing), watch Halloweentown and then toast marshmallows on the fire in the garden whilst wrapped in blankets like little old ladies.

On the 30th, I went into London to look at a gallery and for a party at my dad’s work. The gallery was for my Art GCSE and was so interesting, 10/10 would recommend. Along with seeing the Oxford Street lights up, it was very cool. My dad’s office is in such a beautiful building; the photos don’t do it any kind of justice and of course, I got my face painted to look like a kitty all night. It was a Halloween party after all…

On actual Halloween, I stayed in sadly, but I made ghostly cookies (*cough* previous post *cough*) and spent hours carving pumpkins with my brother. We saw little trick or treaters all dressed up in cute costumes and it was just so adorable.


I hope you enjoyed this and had a wonderfully spooky Halloween.


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