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My recent English assignment was a creative writing piece; a ‘blog post’ about my favourite time of year. Of course, I was quite excited about this as it is right up my alley, already writing a blog for myself and others in my free time . I thought, as it is slowly but surely getting rainier and bleaker in England, I would share with you my essay and why Winter is my favourite time of year.


There are so many ways to describe Winter. The red leaves slowly turning frail and gracefully falling from the trees, the bejewelled frost and white snow smoothing over Autumn and the soft dripping icicles glistening in the wintry light. The sensational colours changing from bright reds and oranges to muted greys and whites.

There are also so many things I love about Winter. The rainy days sat at home when it’s too bleak to leave the comfort of your bed and the roaring fires you imagine you could make in your living room to keep you toasty during the cold British weather but in reality, you have to deal with heating instead; the pops of berry red everywhere you go because people can’t let go of Autumn and let’s not forget the magic that comes with twinkling lights blinding you from one street to the next.

I love the rosy cheeked walks, having to pull woollen hats over our reddened ears and having to tighten our scarves over our blue-tinged lips (although that doesn’t do much for a glasses-wearer when breathing out will fog them up, inhibiting your entire vision). Our teeth chatter and the cold slowly drains into our gloves, making our fingers numb until they are utterly useless (also not helpful for making the best snowmen in your street which should definitely be your aim).

I love the way the wind breezes around like a lost spirit and the way the days will eventually diminish to a dark glow at 5 o’clock; as the darkness, whilst bringing an eeriness that can only be described as beauty and serenity, surrounds you like a blanket. A blanket that you can’t help but wrap yourself tighter into as tiny snowflakes land gently on your face and start to spread a layer of frosty delight on the ground.

By morning, you can see people of all ages running around like children, building snowmen and having snowball fights, and pets getting snow stuck in their fur as they try to play like the adults in this new found brilliance. Britain, although known for it’s unexpected weather, doesn’t get much snow so when it does snow, my twin brother and I are straight outside in our old clothes ready to make the most amazing snowmen ever – and then hit each other with as much snow as our hearts’ desire.

I love everything about Winter but my favourite part is Christmas. Everyone loves that jolly time of year when Christmas explodes in front of you like a firework. I like it a bit too much.

When the smell of homemade gingerbread and mince pies fill the house (however, mince pies should not exist in my opinion and gingerbread should only ever be in house or latte form), and when family come from near and far to spend time with you. My family come for Christmas every year and it is so much more festive having nine people in the house instead of four, even if it gets a bit cramped sometimes.

Traditions are scattered all over the place in my house and are crammed into the small space of two weeks. Some of my favourite traditions are decorating the house all together with Christmas songs blaring on the first weekend of December and making the perfect roast to display it in the most beautiful way on the table; carolling in the local church on Christmas Eve, seeing the lights in London and mistakenly braving Hamley’s right before Christmas one year (you’ll only make a mistake like that once).

Christmas to me is… waking up early in the morning wearing my favourite pair of Christmas pyjamas and running downstairs like a 5-year-old to a hot cup of tea and leftover cookie, ready to open gifts with the family. Later on in the afternoon, after spending the day eating our body-weight in chocolate, we will sit down to our roast dinner and make utter fools out of ourselves with the Christmas crackers (which we all secretly adore).

Our afternoon Christmas walk is one of my favourite parts as it is as a big family through pretty woodlands near our house with my puppies and a lot of crunchy footsteps, leaf-pile jumping and fantastic photo opportunities. All before coming home to our cosy movie night in our pyjamas and festive jumpers – where we eventually fall asleep on the sofa, all snuggled together under blankets and empty bowls of popcorn. At the end of it all, I realise how memorable that Christmas has really been and how every Christmas before has been and every Christmas after will be the same.

As we’re older now, it’s a lot different to what it used to be and I miss some of the things we did over the past years. Some including going to visit ‘Santa’ at his magical grotto – thinking I was so excited I could burst – and how I used to perform extremely painful ‘Christmas plays’ with my cousin for my family to begrudgingly sit through. I know that as I miss some of these things not happening, other traditions will start and be just as fantastic.

I hope you enjoyed this small insight into my life and enjoy Christmas – or another time of year – as much as I do.



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