Decking the Halls | CHRISTMAS 2015

As soon as December hits, up goes the tree and out come the festive mugs and jumpers. In my family Christmas starts as soon as humanly possible and I want to share that with you. Here I show you how my family go about ‘Decking the Halls’.

This year we have a tree in the living room, some garlands dotted around the house and lights everywhere. I love Christmas but decorating has got to be the best part. I mean, wearing reindeer antlers way too early and listening to Christmas playlists that are probably too long for a normal person, to decorate the house with festive joy and reward yourself after with advent calendar chocolate everyday… IT’S BRILLIANT.

We have sort of been lacking this year, which is why this is only just being posted. We got our tree on Saturday and I have been waiting to do a Christmassy post (but with mocks at school and all being busy, it wasn’t going to happen very soon..) BUT NOW I HAVE DONE IT AND I CAN SHARE THE MAGIC IN OUR HOUSE!

I hope you enjoyed decorating as much as I did and if you want to see more Christmas from me, make sure to follow my Instagram and keep an eye on it for more magic.


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