My Birthday/Spring Style Wishlist

As I turn 16 in less than a month (on the 9th of March), I thought I would share with you some of the things on my birthday ‘style wishlist’, but also some things for Spring and Summer. It mainly consists of clothes as you could probably tell from ‘style wishlist’ but I also have some random bits and bobs included.

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Grey Trousers

These trousers are so versatile and are super cute not only for weekends, but also for school/work etc. They are a mix of cooler colours (light grey, black, white and pale blue) and a cut off, making them perfect for warmer but breezy weather.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

In my 2016 goals, I vowed to exercise more and eat healthier. A part of this is drinking lots of water. Water is slightly boring though and so adding fruit will liven it up a bit and make that goal a lot more manageable.

Red Floral Dress

Although this may be more of an evening dress, I think it would be perfect for the summer with a denim jacket and sandals. The red contrasts the black to give it a little pop, making it able to wear during the day or at night.

Black Corduroy Skirt

These skirts are super cute. The last time I owned a denim skirt was around when I was six or seven and I wore it to death. The black is a lot more versatile than a blue denim and with the row of buttons at the front, it just makes an outfit look a bit different to a regular skirt.

Black Long Dungarees

Dungarees are always good to have. They can be worn on a day when you don’t really care but also look chic and adorkable on days out and about. Personally, I like more mom-leg dungarees but that is just my opinion.

Dr Martens Polley Shoe

I have been eyeing up these shoes for so long. I have a couple of pairs of Dr Martens and they have lasted so well without getting at all ruined. These shoes, like the grey trousers, could be worn for school or for weekend use and I think they just look adorable and girly.

Peachy Sandals

As I am going on holiday during the summer, it is nice to have a pair of sandals in the hot weather. These sandals are a pretty peach colour with a small wedge heel to give a little something different than just you’re average sandal.

Rose Gold Essie Nail Polish

ROSE GOLD. Anything rose gold. This nail polish is from the Essie 2012 Summer range and I just think it is so pretty and elegant and most importantly, ROSE GOLD! The metallic finish is so different to other nail polish and makes it stand out.

Floral A-Line Skirt

I love the look of knee length a-line skirts but I have never found one that I am particularly sure of buying as not everything suits everyone. This one is so summery and girly and pretty that I had to click on it and add it to my list.

Long Sleeved Yellow Dress

I am not really a flowery person but this dress is slightly less prim and proper than the other floral items on my list. The mustard colour is intriguing as it is so different to anything I already own. It is such a summery but also autumny colour and just brightens everything up.

Well, that is my list. It sums up my basic spring/summer vibes for this year although this all might change when summer actually arrives. I am so excited for Spring and Summer to arrive, I’m sick of rain and cold weather, but also to share with you some of my super fun summer plans later on in the year, after my exams.


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