LUSH ‘Dragon’s Egg’ Bath Bomb | Review

For my birthday, my friends bought me some LUSH bath bombs because I may be slightly dangerously obsessed with that shop. Anyways, since I hadn’t used them before I thought I would write a cheeky little review for one of them – the LUSH ‘Dragon’s Egg’ Bath Bomb.

As soon as you put the bath bomb into the water, it starts to fizzle and pop uncontrollably. Although it isn’t one of the more decorated-on-the-outside bath bombs, the various layers and specks of different colours on the inside help to create a shimmery bluey-gold effect in the water. It was so pretty and I couldn’t help but instantly love it.

The scent is also very refreshing – smelling quite ironically like a ‘Refresher’ sweet. It is lemony and citrusy but not too OTT that it’s sickening. It is just the right balance to make you feel calm as well as refreshed. The little hints of glitter also makes it feel super-duper magical (as the name would suggest) and the changing colours throughout are incredible.

After trying this bath bomb, I would definitely add it to my list of ‘must repurchase from LUSH’ products. Although, there are still so many products that I haven’t and need to try because they all sound so lovely – even if I do have a slight obsessive problem… but don’t we all?


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