Band Appreciation | Against the Current

Against The Current. I remember when I first subscribed to their YouTube channel way back in 2012 or 2013; when I first added an Against the Current song to my Spotify playlist when they were released in November 2014; the first time I saw them play live to a crowd of 30 people in Portsmouth in December 2014. Now, they are playing at the smaller O2 venues in London, supporting at big festivals, being featured in magazines like Kerrang! and Rocksound, and even being featured on BBC Radio 1.

Against the Current are a “pop/rock band based out of Poughkeepsie, NY” and have, recently this year, signed to the ‘Fueled By Ramen‘ record label. From this, they released their first album – In Our Bones. This joins their other two EPs, ‘Outsiders’ single and an array of Youtube covers. They now have over 1 million followers on Youtube, 182.3K followers on Twitter and 173K followers on Instagram.

Whenever I have seen them live (which I have done twice) they have put on such a good show whether its to 20 people or 200. Against the Current have such an amazing stage presence and they are obviously good friends. They have such a laugh on stage with each other, as if the audience weren’t there, but they interact with such a great amount of energy that it is infectious and you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

As for the music, their songs contrast each other in many ways but fit well together all the same. Their new album, In Our Bones, has been long awaited and no words can describe how amazing this album is. I really can’t do justice how much work had gone into it and how great it turned out. I obviously love all the songs, but my favourites are: Chasing Ghosts, In Our Bones, Forget Me Now and Runaway. My favourites from previous EPs and singles from Against the Current are: Guessing, Outsiders, Something You Need and Comeback Kid.

From originally following them as the small YouTube band they were, to seeing them now, becoming a known band around the world. It’s incredible to see how far they have come in the short space of a few years.┬áChrissy, Dan and Will deserve every bit of popularity they are getting because they are so super talented. They also seem like the most genuinely nice people (even though I have never met them), who enjoy what they do.

Also, Chrissy has THE MOST amazing makeup.

I realise this has been a different kind of post. It’s all because I have been loving this band recently and couldn’t help but tell the world. I also hope to do more of these kinds of things because appreciation is always nice – for everyone.


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