SAN DIEGO | Road Trip Photo Diary 2016

(This is slightly late, I apologise. I have had limited wifi and haven’t had much time to edit photos and write etc. but I am here now.)

On the 1st July 2016, my family and I set off to Heathrow Terminal 5 and hopped on a 10 hour flight to San Diego – the first stop on our three week road trip. The journey was long and very boring as all long haul flights are, but the destination was so worth it.

On the first night, because we got to the hotel quite late, we just settled into the hotel. We started the official first morning by exploring the town. Coronado was right on the coast – there were lots of beaches – and looked just like the set of an old 60s movie. The weather was also quite hot at around 30 degrees each day. The town was calm and very scenic. It was a total contrast to a town, like London, back at home. The people in the town were very friendly and welcoming too.

We then went for breakfast at a cute little cafe along the main street before venturing to the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park.

We decided to chill and visit the beach, on our second day, followed by a bike ride into the next town over.

This has been the first part of my photo diary for my holiday to the USA. I will be adding posts about each place I visit. (Even if they might be slightly late due to lack of wifi or signal – so stay tuned for more.)


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