YOSEMITE | Road Trip Photo Diary 2016

On the 9th July, my family and I set off in the early hours of the morning for a long 6 hour drive ahead to Yosemite. After driving even further from any kind of civilisation, through a sea of trees which we hadn’t seen in a good few days, we arrived in Yosemite. We were staying in the Redwoods nearer to the South of the entire park so the views as we drove around the park were incredible. Our cabin was so homey and very cute.

On the first full day, we drove to all of the main sights – starting with the overall view of El Capitan and the Half Dome among various others. We then ventured to Bridalveil Fall. My dad and I tried to climb up some rocks for a better view, until I fell. We then went up to see the Half Dome and to Glacier Point at sunset.

On the second day, we decided to find a pool at the bottom of a waterfall. This involved A LOT of climbing and A LOT of hiking. In the end, after numerous attempts to find it, we gave up and went to a little creek/river instead. Here, we ringo-ed through some shallow rapids and relaxed in the water.

The next day, we got up and packed and drove on to the windy and foggy city of San Francisco.







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