2017, JANUARY 1ST: Hopes for the Year

2017, finally. Wow.

2016 is now gone and what an insane year.

There were a lot of things that I did in 2016. While there were things that weren’t as great, there were a significant amount of things that made my year, overall, pretty fab. Things that I really enjoyed and things that improved who I am as a person. Experiences and opportunities that I will probably never have again but will always remember – surrounded by people that I truly love having in my life.

I hope for as much as possible, even more, of these things in 2017.

More adventures and experiences; more photographs and music. I also hope to learn from the things around me and to do well in my exams. I hope to keep having things to say on here and to be able to keep sharing exciting parts of my life.

Most of all, I hope for a good year. For myself and everyone around me.

So, all I have left to say is…

Happy New Year.



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