HWYKIYNT by COIN | first impressions

I discovered the band COIN in the summer of last year through the song ‘Talk Too Much’ and instantly fell in love with their music. A couple of weeks ago they released their second album, ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’ (aka HWYKIYNT), and it’s super fab (as expected).

I’ve listened to the album a couple of times since it’s release and have decided to give my honest first impressions/a little review of it overall, so here it goes…

Dont Cry, 2020

As the first song on the album, I was very impressed. It set the album as upbeat and I could immediately tell it was by COIN as they have such a distinctive yet enjoyable sound. This was one of my personal favourites from the album and it just makes you want to jump and dance around.


This song reminded me a bit of Two Door Cinema Club mixed with Walk The Moon and Circa Waves. It starts out with the verses being a bit slower with the drum beat behind, which I quite liked, and then picks up a bit during the chorus – in-keeping with the, so far, dancey vibe of the album.

Talk Too Much

This was released as a single in 2016 and I instantly loved it. The guitar line is so distinctive for the song and continues throughout which I really liked. It is so upbeat and groovy and just makes you want to move and sing along, which pretty much sums up the entire album. This song is what got me excited for the album in the first place and really fits with the upbeat and groovy vibe of the album.

I Don’t Wanna Dance

This was also released as a single. It is very different from the other songs as it is a bit slower and focuses more on the piano than a groovy guitar. I really liked this, and is one of my favourites, as it is upbeat but is a different sound to their other recent music but still fits with the album.


This song features the title line and is instantly different from the other songs. It is definitely one of the more chill songs on the album and is a nice change in between the very heavily-dancey songs.

Are We Alone?

This song begins with a very strong drum beat and vocals which is really effective in introducing the song to draw you in. The verses are quite quiet with less instruments in, which differs from the chorus and in the bridge when the instruments are introduced in abundance and makes you want to dance again. Although, this is not one of my personal favourites, it still joins the album together well.

Heart Eyes

Much like ‘Hannah’, it is clear to see that this is one of the more chill songs of the album. The chorus isn’t that much more dancey which I quite like as a change within the album. It’s still quite upbeat but feels like something you’d listen to on a long drive rather than at a rave.

Lately II

This is definitely a chill song to begin with. The instruments sound quite gentle, even with the more prominent drum beat in the background, which I also liked about this song. However, towards the end of the song, it starts almost immediately with heavy drums and loud vocals which are quite in-your-face which is a heavy contrast from the beginning of the song.


This song brings the album back to the groovy vibe it began with. I like how it begins with just vocals and no instruments and throughout the verses uses predominantly the drums until the chorus comes in. The chorus is definitely upbeat which I quite like as a contrast to the verses. This is one of my personal favourites.

Miranda Beach

UGH. This song is probably my absolute favourite on the album. I just love the overall vibe from the very beginning. I haven’t got much else to say other than it’s a bop.

Malibu 1992

Okay, so this is also one of my favourites. It’s slower and calmer but that’s probably the reason I like it. It lets you listen to the lyrics which are really pretty. I like that the album ends on a slower song and that the vocals sound kind of echo-y because it sound very gentle and peaceful.

Overall, HWYKIYNT is a pretty decent album and there aren’t any songs that I absolutely despise and won’t listen to and in my opinion, everyone should just go and give it a listen because it’s pretty fab.

Listen to How Will You Know If You Never Try by COIN on Spotify here.



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