Where Do I Want to Go? | A Travel Bucket-list

I WANT TO GO EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I’m not kidding. I love travelling and seeing new cultures and the history and ugh everything about going to somewhere new. Obviously I’m not going to list exactly all the places I want to travel to (we’d be here all night), but I thought I’d share a few that I am most excited to visit.

Although I have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places, there are still so many that I would love to see and travel to.


I have been to a few cities in America, however I would love to see more of America. The cities I’ve visited and the trips I have been on have been fab and there are still so many places in America that I haven’t even considered going to. It’s insane that there are so many possibilities for trips and visits, and so many landmarks to learn about. The cities currently at the top of my America list are  Chicago and Hawaii. There are also places I would love to go back to, such as Seattle, New York, Boston, Cape Cod and California.


Okay so Italy has always been a dream of mine to visit purely because of the amount of history that is there. My friend went to Venice a few years ago, and more recently to Sorrento, and the photos and stories she told me were fascinating. We are currently planning a trip to Rome, but I would love to visit other places such as Pisa, Venice and Naples as well.


We learnt about the Vietnam War in History a few years ago and, since then, a trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia has been high up on the list. I have never been to anywhere in Asia and so experiencing a trip like this would be totally different but exciting at the same time\


Recently, I have been researching places to go with my friend once we have finished our A-Levels in June. Most of these have been in Europe to keep it budget-friendly. I have realised during this research that I haven’t visited many places in Europe, some of which would be really cool to visit. Some of the European places on my list are Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Split, among others.

Although this isn’t a definitive list and will most likely change as I get older, I hope I get the chance to continue to travel and enjoy visiting new places.


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