GROOVY | A Playlist

I have been working on this playlist, entitled ‘groovy’ for obvious reasons, for a good couple of months now and I honestly am loving it. It started with random songs taken from various Daily Mixes and recommendations from friends, and is now somewhat resembling a playlist that I want to share.

I listen to this playlist more often than not and is pretty much my new favourite thing. It is such a feel-good, groovy playlist and makes me just want to dance. This playlist has given me the chance to look at new bands and artists and to create something that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

The playlist consists of upbeat and fun songs and overall the songs work well together as a playlist. Many of these songs have come from recommendations or discoveries on Spotify. Although I think the whole playlist is full of bops, I particularly love ‘Hollywood’, ‘Just Dance’, ‘Dont You Try’ and ‘Daft Pretty Boys’.

I am hoping to continue to make it longer and add more fab songs to it, as it is on the shorter side at the moment. However, I love having the option of a shorter playlist to listen to instead of my ‘usual’ 36-hour playlist.

I use Spotify for all of my music, so if you would like to listen to ‘groovy’ or any of my other playlists, look no further – click here.


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