CHILL | A Playlist

I created my ‘chill’ playlist back in January. I have been absolutely loving it, especially when I’m revising or if I want to listen to something a bit different from my other playlists. As my life has been consumed with A-Level exams recently, I have been revising a lot and somehow keep finding myself going back to this playlist.

This playlist generally consists of slower music, acoustic versions of more upbeat songs, and even a few instrumentals thrown in there. I love that this playlist includes classic slower music but also attempts to mix in bands I love, such as The 1975, LANY and The Hunna, to create a more interesting chill vibe.

I have found that this playlist has been on my Recently Played tab a lot on Spotify and is definitely a playlist I like to listen to if I don’t want something more upbeat, for example, late at night or during revision or even if I’m driving.

A few of my favourites on the playlist include: ‘Movie’, ‘Slip’, ‘ILYSB – STRIPPED’ and ‘XO’. Of course, I love all of the songs on the playlist so feel free to check out the rest of the playlist below.

I use Spotify for all of my music, so if you would like to listen to ‘groovy’ or any of my other playlists, look no further – click here.


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