ROME | June 2018

Last week, I was lucky enough to travel to Rome with my best friend for five days. We had been planning this trip for a WHILE and it finally became a reality. With an itinerary of all the local sights, and tickets booked, we had more than enough to keep us occupied for the week and get some pretty incredible photos in the process.

21.06.18 – DAY 1

On our first day we had an early 7:55am flight from Heathrow. We dragged ourselves out of bed at 3am and made our way to the airport a bit later where we had breakfast and got ready for our week ahead. When arriving in Rome, we could instantly feel it was warmer as we headed for baggage claim and to get a taxi. We found a taxi and admired the sights on our way to our hotel, Hotel Quirinale, in the centre of Rome. This hotel was incredible and was the perfect location for everything we wanted to do. As we couldn’t check in until 14:30 and we got there at around midday, we left our bags with the hotel and went to explore a bit and have lunch. We explored down Via Nazionale, the street we were staying on, and had a pizza for lunch (as you do on your first day in Italy) before checking in later on. After checking in, we got changed (sports leggings are not ideal in the scorching heat of Italy in the summer) and headed out to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Both places were fairly busy but were both still amazing to see on our first day. Of course, we got an ice cream and took some classically tourist photos and then headed back to the hotel for dinner and to get ready for the next day.

22.06.18 – DAY 2

On day two, we had booked a ticket that would encompass the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. These three historical locations were all relatively close to one another so it wasn’t as difficult to get around. We got the metro from Repubblica station near our hotel to the main terminal, Termini station. We changed metro lines here and headed to Colosseo station which, as you may have guessed, is right by the Colosseum. We decided to do the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill first as we anticipated that the Colosseum would be slightly busier. The Roman Forum was incredible to walk around and Palatine Hill, whilst a bit of a walk to get to the top, had a fantastic view of everything we had just seen and a lovely green garden environment. The Colosseum was busy, as we had guessed, even after doing the others first, but was still such an amazing piece of history to witness. We spent around half the day exploring these sights, again taking some more tourist photos, before going back to the hotel and going out to explore for dinner near the S. Maria Maggiore Basilica.

23.06.18 – DAY 3

On the third day, we had booked tickets for the Vatican Museum. We got the metro, again, from Repubblica station to Ottaviano station, and then walked to the museum. As one of the top rated things to do in Rome, it was quite busy but the map took us on a certain route so we saw everything and went into all of the rooms. The artwork was incredible and definitely worth the slightly cramped surroundings due to how busy it was. After the museum, we headed out to see the Basilica and get some lunch. We then walked to see Castel Sant’Angelo, before heading back to the metro and back to the hotel. We went out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe later on, which then lead us to the Trevi Fountain when it got dark. The fountain was incredible in the daylight, let alone at night. We got, yet another, ice cream, and headed back to the hotel.

24.06.18 – DAY 4

We decided that day four would be a relax and explore day. In reality, by the time we got to this day there were a few things we wanted to do that we hadn’t planned for. They were all relatively close together and so it made sense to do them all together. We started at the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, which we also saw on our first day in Rome, very briefly. This monument was incredible, especially since we could walk up and see the partial view. We then walked to Campo de’ Fiori where there was a little market being held. We got some fresh juice to keep us going on our exploration, took some photos and headed towards Piazza Navona. Piazza Navona consisted of a little square with three fountains, with the one in the centre of the three having a column in the middle. It was such a pretty little square and the statues on the fountains were in such amazing detail. We then ventured to the Pantheon, which was very exciting. It was fairly busy but you could still see the incredible architecture in all it’s glory. We had lunch and then went to find a pretty well-known ice cream place, which we agreed sold the best ice creams of the week, before going back to the hotel and having dinner.

25.06.18 – DAY 5

On our final full day in Rome, we headed south to visit Pompeii. This was a long train journey and involved a 6:30am wake up call but was totally worth it. This part of the trip was possibly my favourite, it was like nothing you could imagine. My friend had already been and was educating me around the whole site, which made everything so much more real. We spent all day at Pompeii, learning and viewing and taking photos and honestly, I would definitely recommend the trip. The artwork and architecture remaining is absolutely incredible and the greenery that surrounds the area is utterly stunning, especially in the sun.

26.06.18 – DAY 6

On the final day in Rome, we had to check out at midday and then get a taxi at 14:30, as we had a later flight. We decided to go to Piazza Vittorio, which was a little park near our hotel. We saw so many cute dogs and it was overall a very relaxing day. On the way back to the hotel we got our final ice cream of the trip, before getting in a taxi and heading to the airport. As it turned out our flight was quite delayed so we had a lot of time to kill in the airport but we got home eventually.

Overall it was an unforgettable trip – filled with pizza, pasta, lots of ice cream and HEAT. Luckily the weather in England has been relatively warm so it wasn’t too much of a shock coming back. I would definitely recommend going to Rome and would love to go back someday, but for now I’ll just have to stare longingly at all of the photos I took.


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