TENERIFE | July 2018

My best friend invited me on holiday with her family this summer. Last week we jetted off to Tenerife for a week. We stayed in a villa towards the north of the island, in a secluded area not far from Candelaria. The scenery was beautiful and although we didn’t leave the villa much and I didn’t take as many photos as I had hoped, it was great to get away and just relax for a week with my best friend and her family.

21.07.18 – DAY 1

We had an afternoon flight on the way out to Tenerife South airport, which was delayed in the end and a bit of a nightmare to be honest. We killed time, relaxing in the airport, and finally were able to board our flight about an hour late. We took off and time passed until it was time to land. Unfortunately, we had to divert to the North airport instead of the South due to high winds. Luckily we were staying closer to the North airport so it wasn’t a problem as we were able to get our cars at the terminal and drive to the villa in a shorter amount of time. We got a bit lost but eventually made it to the villa quite late. As it was quite late and we had had a long day travelling, we all pretty much went straight to sleep.

22.07.18 – DAY 2

On the first full day we had in Tenerife, we headed down to the nearest town, Candelaria to explore and get some lunch. The town was right beside the sea, with a black sand beach and very beautiful scenery. We walked around for a bit before finding somewhere to eat. We then got an ice cream, obviously, and went back to the villa for a dip in the pool. I took some pictures of the house to send to my family and pretty much relaxed for the rest of the day.

23.07.18 – DAY 3

This was another chill day at the villa. We also ventured out to Lidl to get some food and supplies for the rest of the week. As we were staying in a quite secluded area, we cooked meals at the villa for most of the week, which worked quite well as we were having a lot of relaxing days by the pool. We found some pool floats and spent the rest of the day relaxing and organising the next few days.

24.07.18 – DAY 4

On our fourth day in Tenerife we headed south to Siam Park, a relatively well-known waterpark. We left early as it took us around an hour to get there from the villa, and we had pre-booked tickets to make it easier when we got there. The park was full of people, water and lots of slides. We spent the day in the water on and off – starting with the lazy river (which turns into a slight rapids if you follow the right line) and one of the big river rapids before getting lunch. The food was surprisingly cheap and After lunch we headed to the ‘beach’ area to relax and sunbathe for a while before heading into the wave pool. The day was very fun and definitely worth the trip down. Although, there wasn’t much shade so would definitely recommend hats and lots of suncream!!

25.07.18 – DAY 5

Another chill day… mainly a day to recover after the excitement and sun exposure of the day before.

26.07.18 – DAY 6

Although this started as a chill day, we decided we’d take a trip to Santa Cruz and explore the mall. Later in the evening we (my friend, her sister, her sister’s boyfriend and I) had plans to drive back down to Playa de Las Americas for a little night out. We were only at the mall for a few hours before heading back to the villa to get ready. As it was a Thursday night, we weren’t expecting much and it was quite a weird and interesting night to say the least, but we had fun. It was nice to experience the south and something different from the villa.

27.07.18 – DAY 7

On our final full day in Tenerife, we went whale watching. Again, we trekked down to the south for an afternoon boat session. Boats are not my strong point, so going on a 10-person yacht immediately freaked me out. BUT, in the end it was incredible to see the whales so close to the boat and seeing the beginning of the sunset – even if I did feel a little nauseous and dizzy for a bit. In the evening, the sky was clear enough for us to see the lunar eclipse blood moon and lots of stars – we even think that we might’ve seen Mars as it was rumoured to be close enough to Earth (but don’t quote me on that). I didn’t get very good photos of this though and I’m slightly gutted.

28.07.18 – DAY 8

On the final final day, we had a evening flight. We had a chill morning, packing and getting everything together, before checking out of the villa at around 2pm. Even thought our flight was severely delayed (AGAIN!), we headed to the airport. We killed enough time looking around all of the souvenir shops scattered around before getting on the flight and taking off two hours later than we were supposed to. In the end we landed at around half past midnight and didn’t get home until around 2am. It was a long day.

This trip was so very different to my other trips, but it was so totally worth going. It was so lovely of my friend to invite me and for her family to look after me for a week. The trip was relaxing and sunny and all around pretty great – I would definitely recommend going to Tenerife if you’re planning a beachy, relaxing holiday.


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