SPAIN | August 2018

Last week, I was lucky enough to go away on holiday (yes, I know, again!) – this time, with my family. We headed to Moraira, Spain for twelve days to stay in my mum’s friend’s holiday home and to escape the dreary England weather. As with my other trips, I thought I’d share some of the things we got up to whilst we were away in the sunshine.

19.08.18 – DAY 1

We had a morning flight to Spain, which involved a relatively early morning trip to the airport. We arrived in Alicante at around midday, leaving enough time to drive to Moraira, where we were staying. As we arrived at the house in the mid-afternoon, we were able to stroll about ten minutes into town, to have a late lunch/early dinner and an ice cream with our friends before they left to go home. I ate ice cream from the same place pretty much every day and it was very good ice cream, 10/10 would recommend. After a walk up the big hill to get back to the house, we all spent the afternoon in and out of the pool, as well as taking a trip to the supermarket and into town. All in all, we had a pretty chill first day of travelling and the pool.

20.08.18 – DAY 2

We decided to explore another route from our house, which led us to El Portet beach. Again, this was only a short walk to the beach, giving us a perfect location for easy access to both areas nearby. The beach was quite busy so we only went down for lunch, however, we did decide it looked nice enough for us to want to come back later in the week. As it was only our second day, we decided to have another chill, pool and explore day, before heading out in the evening to have drinks in the town. The pool was where we spent most of out time- mainly because the sun and heat in Spain at the time would’ve been unbearable otherwise!

21.08.18 – DAY 3

On our third day, we decided to branch out a bit and find another town to explore. We drove to Calpe, where we strolled along the seafront and had a bit of a late breakfast. There was an opportunity to climb Peñon d’Ifach (aka Calpe Rock), however we decided that it was not the right day to do it. We tried to find a mini golf course, as a holiday tradition, however we couldn’t find any good ones nearby. Later in the day I started to feel sick, probably because of the heat and the sun. We tried to go out for dinner but I just didn’t feel well enough so we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the house.

22.08.18 – DAY 4

On day four, we decided to head out to the local shopping mall, Portal de la Marina, in Ondara. This was one of the only malls we could find and had shops to please everyone. It was quite big with a wide variety of shops – they even had a big Carrefour inside!! We went to the mall later in the day at around midday and so it left the afternoon for us to spend at home by the pool, as most of our holiday was spent doing.

23.08.18 – DAY 5

Deciding to get a little bit more touristy, we booked onto a bus tour of Valencia, a big city about an hour and a half away from Moraira. We saw the historical and maritime aspects of the city before stopping at the biggest aquarium in Europe. Overall, I am not an aquarium fan – the small enclosures etc. kind of bother me and I’m not a big fish fan so, although some of the smaller exhibits were interesting, this was not the highlight of my day. I enjoyed learning about and seeing the history of the city and also seeing the art and science culture that has developed. We went back to Moraira in the late afternoon and headed out for dinner, where we had a giant chicken and vegetable paella.

24.08.18 – DAY 6

We got up relatively early as we wanted to head out to the market held in Moraira each week. The market was very fun to walk around and see all the different things being sold, especially the food and fresh produce – oh, and the amount of people buying churros for breakfast, that was quite a bunch. After, we went and had breakfast by the beach in Moraira. This was also a planned chill day before we went to explore Xàbia port and beach for dinner. We sat in an open restaurant so we were still able to watch the beach and the sunset as we were eating, which was really nice, before having to stroll back along the seafront to the car to head back to the house.

25.08.18 – DAY 7

My parents and I got up relatively early on this day in order to head down to El Portet beach for the morning. We got a good spot and had some breakfast before my dad took me out on his paddle-board. I managed to stand up and paddle all the way to the end of the green and red markers before heading back and having a dip in the sea. We went back to the house a bit later and relaxed before heading back into Xàbia, except this time we went to explore the historical town rather than the beach and port. The town was beautiful – especially since we visited during siesta and it was deserted. I loved the old classic architecture and design throughout the town and walking through whilst little cafes and restaurants were only just reopening was very cool. After our little excursion, we headed back to the house to get ready for dinner. We strolled from El Portet beach into Moraira along the coast for dinner. The views were incredible but the walk was much longer than the ten minutes that we were used to!

26.08.18 – DAY 8

We did a tour of the Canelombre Caves in Busot. This was super cool and the tour-guide was so lovely. She was accommodating for the entire group and spoke excellent English to ensure the few of us that didn’t speak Spanish knew all about the historical and scientific elements of the caves. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside the caves, however I did take some of the incredible view outside. The caves were very high up and meant you could see for miles and miles. After the exciting tour of the caves, we drove through a few new towns to get back to the house. We basically just relaxed until dinner – whilst also mourning the death of my inflatable pool pegasus.

27.08.18 – DAY 9

A chill day doing nothing. Not much else to say.

28.08.18 – DAY 10

We took a drive to the Fonts de l’Algar, a set of waterfalls. This has obviously been clocked as quite an attraction, drawing in the locals as well as tourists. You could swim in the waterfalls and jump from rocks as well as just stroll around. There were places to eat and shops where you could buy souvenirs. We didn’t stay long as we went later in the day, which was possibly a mistake as it was very busy when we got there. It was still worth the trip to visit though, just maybe we should have gone earlier in the day. On the way home, we stopped at a little beach/cove, Cala Del Moraig. This was very pretty. It had a steep incline down to a sheltered and relatively secluded pebble beach. As we went later in the afternoon, we missed the peak of the sun and the sea was very choppy – so much so that I couldn’t walk in up to my knees without almost being knocked over. We headed back to the house after a little while to get ready to go out for our final dinner in Moraira.

29.08.18 – DAY 11 – chill day

We had another chill day… shocker. As I said earlier, staying by the pool and at the house was usually how we decided to spend the day, with the odd trip out to the supermarket or town, so yes this features a lot in this post, sorry!

30.08.18 – DAY 12

My dad and I decided we were going to climb Cap D’or. We left the house at 7:45am and the whole trip took us over 2 hours. We climbed 1200m along a rocky path, in addition to the 15-20 minute walk to get to the starting point of the path and the same walk to get back to the house. BUT let me tell you, it was worth it for the view we got. The sun was still rising, the beach was completely empty and we could see for miles. It was incredible. It is definitely something worth doing, especially early in the morning. We came back to the house and it was time to pack and get ready to leave for our evening flight. We had enough time for one last dip in the pool and one last ice cream in Moraira before we had to head to the airport.

As much as I love doing lots of things on holiday, having a mix between that and relaxing by the pool was nice, especially at the end of the summer. I wish we had done more things, for example climbing Calpe Rock and exploring more of the towns, but I enjoyed having twelve days away from the dreary British weather, especially with my family right before I leave for uni.


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