Moving House for the First Time…

Recently, my family moved house. Keep in mind, I have never moved house. I have lived in the same semi-detached house since I was born – 19 years and almost 5 months to be exact. That’s a whole lot of time to move on from. Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the whole moving thing, just in case anyone was wondering.

Although I only moved around the corner from my old house (I know, adventurous), it is still a weird feeling to drive past it each day and remember that someone else lives there now. On the day we left, the only thing I could think was that I’d never see my childhood home again. My old house was a safe place for me, throughout every rubbish thing I went through over the years, even up until the day we left. I wonder whether this new house will ever feel the same as that. Scary and intimidating thoughts for a Wednesday morning in the middle of July.

Most of my things are still in boxes – a lot of which will stay there until we have the time to re-decorate everything. It’s a bit of a pain considering I’m at a loss to which box anything is in. I’ve found most of the necessities for now, but I guess that is all just a part of the experience, huh.

I used to live across from a big open field where you would, albeit very occasionally, see deer and other wildlife running free. A cul-de-sac is a bit of an adjustment. I’m a lot closer to my boyfriend in this new house, and to the local pub I might add, but nothing has really changed the village I live in. The new road is a lot quieter and the neighbours have traditional ‘cul-de-sac’ relationships with each other. The garden here seems to be astonishingly brighter and more colourful than my last – but that might just be the reflection of the nauseatingly colourful and bright walls inside!

The house needs a lot of decorating before it truly becomes a home. Right now, it feels more like that weird place you stayed once on holiday, you know? I mean, I’m sure the people who moved into our old house think the same… right?


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