COPENHAGEN | November 2019

My boyfriend and I decided to take a little break away during my reading week this year. We booked a last minute weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, mainly to indulge in all the early Christmas festivities we could find, and it was just the most beautiful weekend break.


On our first day, we had an early flight from Heathrow and got to Denmark just as it was getting dark. We checked into our hotel and went out to explore and get some dinner. Unfortunately, we noticed that Tivoli Gardens wasn’t open which was super sad as that was something I was looking forward to, but I’ll be back for it! The city was instantly so beautiful and it felt so safe and welcoming. After dinner, we settled in ready to explore more.


On the second day, we started by heading to Illum, the big department store. We didn’t buy anything but we had a big ol’ look around, and around the shops nearby. After shopping, we headed towards Nyhavn for lunch. I had seen Nyhavn on Instagram and on other websites, so I was super excited to see it in person. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It was busy, but the little Christmas market stalls alongside the restaurants were super cute and it was just overall a great place to be. These sort of made up for Tivoli being closed! We sat and had a traditional beef stew on the waterfront and, although freezing, we enjoyed it!

After Nyhavn we kept walking and ended up at the Little Mermaid statue and the military fortress. Both of these were incredible and it was so nice to be able to walk around and have something to see. The weather was cold but sunny, it was the perfect winter atmosphere! Although the statue was smaller than I had imagined and crowded by people, it was still worth the walk to see it.

We got the metro (which is a lot nicer than London btw!) back to our hotel and got ready for dinner at the Hard Rock Café. Not very Danish but, you know, got to keep building the holiday tradition and the shirt collection!


On our last day, we had booked a train to Mälmo in Sweden for the day. We didn’t know what to expect! When we got there, it was super quiet (almost eerily so) but we persevered and headed to the Twisting Torso tower. The atmosphere was slightly strange but the architecture was beautiful. We then headed back to the station and got a train to a shopping centre just outside of Mälmo central. This area was a bit busier, but after a busy weekend of walking, we soon gave up on spending any money!

I, sadly, didn’t take many photos in Sweden, as it was a bit too drizzly to get my camera out.

We got an earlier train back to Copenhagen and headed out for dinner before going back to the hotel to pack.


We got to the airport early, which was my fault as per usual. Copenhagen Airport was absolutely massive, we almost got lost several times! There were plenty of shops and food places to keep us occupied until we got on our flight home.

Overall it was such a nice weekend and I would DEFINITELY like to go back, especially when Tivoli is open and I can experience the true Christmassy environment!


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