Turning 20 in 2020

This week, I am turning 20. Yep thats right, you heard me, I will be two whole decades old. The BIG 2 0.

I, personally, don’t want to turn 20. I’m not happy about it at all. Pretty please can I just stop time for a bit maybe before adult life really starts? Anyone with the power to do so, or who possesses a giant pause button – please send me your skills, I’m taking applications!

Me, currently, in one word: stressed. Mainly because, turning 20 means I’m going to have to become a real-life adult. No more getting away with skirting on the edges of teenage-hood. In my mind, the world is scary and, so, being a full and real adult in the world is even scarier. How I am going to handle that, I’ll never know, but I guess that’s supposed to be the fun of life – not knowing where you’ll go next – right? Or is that the worst part?

Now, I know, this may seem incredibly early-mid-life-crisis-esque and I know that it’s not really a big deal to most people, as opposed to say turning 50 or 80 or even 100 would be. BUT to me, two decades seems like a huuuuuuge, great, big lump of time to be alive. 1,042 weeks. 7,300 days. 175,200 hours. A crazy amount of time when you put it like that, eh?

I’d like to think my two decades on this Earth have been somewhat meaningful and I’ve done something worth achievement. Even as I sit drowning in uni reading and upcoming assignments, thinking about the monotony of it all, I’d like to think it’s worth something, now and in the future. Then again, although I hope I’m right, I might be wrong, and these years might not have any impact on my life in the future.

I guess we’ll have to find out. Stay tuned.


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