Writer’s Block and Other Things | An Update

I have been a bit MIA these past couple of months and I’m here to explain why. Basically, this is just a little update on life in 2020 so far.

Last time I wrote a little update was back in March. I was about to turn 20. Well, my birthday came and went and I got to celebrate with my favourite people, but that’s when everything began to go a bit pear-shaped.

The week after my birthday was the beginning of lockdown in the UK. My university moved EVERYTHING online over a single weekend and I soon became furloughed from my job.

With the stress of everything moving online so quickly, it possibly wasn’t the greatest couple of weeks of education. However, I can’t fault that the school definitely moved things faster than any of my friends’ universities did. I was commuting into London for classes, so I am grateful that I didn’t have to miss any classes due to transport issues. As a result, all of my assessments changed and exams were cancelled. The fact that we couldn’t get to the library also affected the resources we had to complete work. It was all a big mess, as I’m pretty sure everything else has been recently! I, officially, finished my second year at university about a week ago and I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with my third year yet. I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

Since then, I haven’t had much to do. Unfortunately, my mind just hasn’t had the motivation to sit down and do something productive. Writer’s block is a bit of a nightmare sometimes. I have, however, been the most typical quarantine-er ever, by investing inordinate amounts of time in Animal Crossing on the Switch, Disney+ and various paint by numbers. I’ve also been watching our dog whilst the rest of my family is working.

We started building work on our house recently. I can’t say the builders are a welcome addition to our quiet cul-de-sac, but hey ho, we’re getting a nice new kitchen out of it so I’m trusting that the noise is a somewhat necessary evil – I don’t think our neighbours would agree!

Anyway, I’m slowly starting to find little things that I can do within lockdown, and I’m incredibly lucky to still be with my family. Despite missing my boyfriend and not being able to go out, I’m (sort-of) coping. I guess it’s not all terrible… right?

Stay tuned for another future update and more quarantine fun!

I hope everyone is staying safe xo


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