Loungewear | A Lockdown Lookbook

Ahh lockdown. The perfect excuse to throw that pair of jeans into the back of your wardrobe and crack out your favourite loungewear and home clothes that border on pyjamas. The one part of lockdown to enjoy.

I, for one, own far too many pairs of pyjamas, and even more sets of loungewear, which makes this period perfect for those like me that despise proper clothes. So, here is a week at home with me, featuring my most worn and favourite sets of loungewear!


One of my favourite complete loungewear sets that I own is this grey one. The material is unbelievably soft and I cannot begin to tell you how comfortable it is to wear. I especially love that the trousers are cuffed at the bottom. I wear this pretty much all throughout the winter because it’s so cosy and is so easy to throw on! The silk ties add a little more detail to the plain set, and the hood is such a good addition for optimum cosiness. I got it a while ago as a gift, but I’m almost positive it’s from Next. I don’t think they still sell anything similar, but all of their loungewear looks just as cosy and soft!


This cream cardi is a STAPLE in my wardrobe. I wear it everywhere. It is the perfect item to throw on top of most outfits, without having to wear a heavy jacket. I bought it a while ago from Missguided, but they still sell similar ones on their website. I paired it with plain black joggers from ASOS, and a plain black cropped t-shirt from Boohoo. In my opinion, the cardi makes the all-black outfit a lot more interesting and put together. A very cosy, and oh so easy outfit.


Of course, I had to rep the Queen Mary jumper. I bought this during my first year at uni, and it is honestly one of the best jumpers I own (and I own a lot!). Obviously, I picked the jumper in navy, due to the school colour’s being dark blue. I have worn this jumper with jeans, as well as with loungewear comfies – its so versatile. On this day, I paired it with these funky yoga pants I bought at a local Christmas fair last year. These are so lightweight and perfect for a breezy summer’s day.


I originally bought this other loungewear set, from Nasty Gal, to wear on the plane for our holiday last year. I am so glad I did, because it is super adorable and I love the colour! The jumper is cropped and off the shoulder whilst the trousers are a wide-leg cut. The material is really soft, but not too warm, and is doggo approved! I usually tend to separate the pieces and wear the trousers on their own, especially if the weather is a bit nicer, but not nice enough for shorts. On this day, I paired the trousers with my Kittenish shirt that I bought in Nashville last summer, purely because the colours complement each other so perfectly!


I call this one my Abba jumpsuit. I got this a few years ago in Spain, from a store called Lefties, and, to this day, it is one of my favourite clothing pieces in my wardrobe. I love wearing it on its own or with a navy jumper over the top. Sometimes I’ll even wear my Queen Mary jumper over it! The vertical stripes are so flattering and it really has a whole lot of character to it. Also, I thank the weather on this day, as well as Lightroom, for making me look far more tanned than I actually am! Do not be fooled!


Again, another staple piece in my wardrobe. I bought these flares from ASOS as a replacement for a pair I had ripped. I bought the cheaper ones I could find and honestly, they are even better than the ones I had before. They are so flexible and comfortable and I’d live in them if I could! I paired them with my beloved LANY tour shirt that I bought a few years ago at one of their London shows. I should probably invest in a new one but I will forever love and reach for this shirt! As you can see, I also paired this outfit with my Nike NBA Air Force 1’s that I got at Christmas from my boyfriend (I don’t think they sell this particular pair anymore, but I could be wrong!).


Finally, as the weather cooled down in England, I grabbed for my Stranger Things x Nike joggers that I bought last year, in Size? on Carnaby Street, during a sale. I love these joggers and I am so glad I bought them when I did, because I haven’t been able to find this collection online or in-store anywhere since! I paired it with a striped, matching green shirt from ASOS. This outfit, although head-to-toe men’s clothing, is still one of my favourites to pick out of my wardrobe, especially when I want to wear a little bit of colour.

Well, there you have it folks, my favourite loungewear sets and miscellaneous home clothes. I, for one, am loving getting to stay cosy and comfy and I am not looking forward to when my jeans have to make a reappearance and I have to look more presentable to the world. Maybe once this is all over, I’ll do a regular clothes lookbook!


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