Books I (Voluntarily) Read and Enjoyed in 2020

This past year (as with every other year) I tried to read more books for enjoyment, not just for a university class. I even put a page for it in my journal to keep myself focused this time! There are so many books that I just never got around to reading, or new ones that have come out and really caught my fancy. So, for your enjoyment and recommendation, here is a list of all the books I managed to read in 2020.

The Boy Who Disappeared by Valerie Nettles

My family live on the Isle of Wight and my auntie bought this book for my mum last Christmas. I stole it and read it and it was fascinating. I love a good mystery and I am really into real, unsolved cases. This is a book written about a young boy who went missing on the Isle of Wight and has been presumed dead for many years. The book is written by his mother, detailing the course of the case and where they are now. It is a really gripping read and I hope the family can eventually find peace after such a tragedy.

One of Us is Next by Karen McManus

This book is part of a series, following on from One of Us is Lying. I have also read Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus and have just bought her more recent book, The Cousins. These mystery fiction books are very enticing. She writes in such a way that it is hard to put the book down. One of Us is Next follows on from the storyline and characters in One of Us is Lying. I loved being able to continue the story and pick up exactly where I left off, especially after I thought that the storyline had ended with the first book. It was a nice surprise to have another to jump in to. If you like crime and mystery, with a hint of YA romance, this two-book series is for you.

Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness

I had to read this book. I could not stop myself. I love watching Jonathan Van Ness on Queer Eye being so open and unapologetic about himself. This autobiography of his life was really eye-opening. To see someone being so open and raw about their life was very refreshing. I really enjoyed getting to learn more about who he is.

The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting by Holly Bourne

This book dealt with some really big topics that felt quite close to home. It follows a teenage girl who is just looking to fit in at her high school. She begins an experiment about gaining popularity and the “Six Steps on How to Be Interesting”. As someone who didn’t really fit in at school, I really enjoyed this witty and sarcastic character trying to take down the system of popularity. Very cleverly written and deals with issues such as bullying in a very witty and real way. A good read for someone who is past their teenage years, as well as someone who is currently in them.

The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson

There are seven books in this series. I started reading these books back when they first got released and I loved them. I got the newest ones and the spin-off series (see below) for my birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to re-read all seven books. I honestly forgot how much I love them. As someone who is very much a Disney fanatic, this series allows an insight into Disney with the added bonus of mystery and cheesy teen romance. Each book covers a different area or park in Walt Disney World and the storyline is incredibly creative. If you’re a Disney and rom-com fanatic like I am, 10/10 would recommend for some light, easy reading that will hook you.

The Return series by Ridley Pearson

There are three books in this series. I have not yet finished the third book in this spin-off series, but, again, it leads on from the Kingdom Keepers series and allows you to see the characters grow. If someone could please make a film or tv series out of these books because I would 100000% watch. 

Well folks, there you have it. 14 books that I would very much recommend to you all. Stay tuned for more about the limited, and possibly slightly boring, activities I can do whilst still in lockdown.


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