About Me

Hi, I’m Niamh. Welcome to my very own little Wonderland. Here, you will learn (almost) all about me.

I have always loved English and writing and journalism, so I started this blog as a place where I could write whatever I wanted for people all over the internet to read and hopefully enjoy. I created this blog to share my opinions and various photographs I’ve taken, as well as to write about anything and everything interesting to me and to share my experiences – from day trips and concerts to makeup and reviews, you name it. This blog is basically my life in a nutshell.

I genuinely hope you enjoy what I write and post. I want to use this space to not only write what I want to and to create memories to look back on, but I want to inspire others and entertain with my words. I want people to want to read what I have to say like I enjoy reading what others have to say.

Here, you will find the words and stories of a teenager who doesn’t really know what she is doing most of the time, but hopefully it will bring you joy, like it has for me.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments or you can tweet/instagram me and I will try to reply as helpfully and honestly as I can.

Niamh xo


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